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by | Sep 6, 2016

Imagine travelling for business quite frequently, sometimes being away from home for weeks or months at a time. I have clients, a husband and wife, who do just that.

The couple first contacted me from Belgium, their original home country, to discuss their desire for help within the UK as they intended to set up their home base here and needed support, including local knowledge and a means by which to receive their own personal and business mail. They soon acquired a base here in East Kent.

After a reasonably brief discussion over the telephone, because they were imminently flying out of the country again, they suggested they would trust me to receive their mail, by redirected post both from Belgium and UK. They are happy that I open their post, scan it (where appropriate) and email it to them. When they return to this area we meet and I pass over all the post I have collected.
They asked for certain other advice and I was able to introduce them to a local Accountant to take care of their complicated UK tax affairs and an Insurance Broker both of which were companies I knew well and felt I could trust. My clients have confirmed that they are very happy with both!
The three of us have now come to know each other fairly well and the bonus is they always reply to my emails enabling me to be sure they are receiving them on an ongoing basis. Emails to and from them are deleted on a regular basis as an added security measure.

Naturally we have met several times since that first phone enquiry and we have evolved a friendly working relationship quite quickly. These clients are now looking to further their business interests within East Kent and have asked me to carry out certain research for them whilst they are abroad once again.

I love this work and am honoured by the trust this couple have placed in me. It has made a great change from some of the more mundane aspects of my business. I would be happy to do the same for anyone else finding themselves in a similar position.

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  1. Marion

    Great website Bev…You can be very proud of it. Lol, Marion


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